What’s the Cheapest Amalgam Separator?

Good news! The ADA’s Division of Science has done all the homework for you. I’ll tell you which one they chose in just a moment, but first here are the two things you need to know as you compare amalgam separators. There are two key factors in the “cost” of an amalgam separator:

#1 Purchase Price

A one-time cost based on the cost to make a particular unit and the effectiveness of its amalgam capture system. No surprise, an amalgam separator made of stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee costs more to make than something that is injection molded plastic with no long-term guarantee.

#2 Ongoing Maintenance Cost

The purpose of an amalgam separator is to capture solids before they escape down the drain. When the collector on your amalgam separator fills up it needs to be sent to an approved medical waste handling facility and you need documentation to verify your amalgam waste was disposed of properly. The smaller the collector, the more often you’ll have to replace it. Some of the leading amalgam separators have less than one quart of storage capacity. Many offices with these units are replacing the collector four times per year or more. Since the cost of replacing the collector can be 50% of the cost of the entire amalgam separator, it is very important to get an amalgam separator with the largest waste storage capacity possible. Any one-time savings on the Purchase Price can be quickly lost with multiple collector changes per year.

What did the ADA researchers recommend?

The ADA’s Division of Science thoroughly tested amalgam separators for effectiveness, durability and annual maintenance cost.  When they were done there was only one company they endorsed—Rebec.  Why?

Reason #1 Lowest Cost of Ongoing Maintenance

With over five times the collector capacity2 of many plastic amalgam separators, Rebec guarantees one collector change per year.  If for any reason you need more than one per year, it’s free.1  Other amalgam separators require collector changes as often as every eight weeks.

It’s easy to see why if you compare collector capacity.

Capacity of the Rebec 1000 Plus Capacity of the leading competitor

Reason #2  Lifetime Warranty

Rebec is the only amalgam separator company that offers a lifetime warranty.  Perhaps because Rebec is the only amalgam separator made of stainless steel instead of plastic.

Reason #3  Rebec exceeds the ISO 11143:2009-109 ANSI/ADA guidelines required by the EPA Mandate

Reason #4  Rebec is the only amalgam separator company licensed to take back medical waste

This makes collector exchanges and compliance incredibly easy for your practice.  Rebec is also the only amalgam separator company that maintains a complete “cradle to grave” record of every disposal.  You’ll need those compliance records when your practice gets audited.

When you understand what the real cost of ownership it’s easy to see why Rebec is the “cheapest” amalgam separator.  You may pay a little more up front for its rugged stainless steel, lifetime warranty, and greater capacity, but you’ll save every year with their guarantee of no more than ONE collector replacement a year or it’s FREE!

Rebec is also the only company with a comprehensive range of amalgam separators sized to perfectly fit every practice from one chair to universities and military hospitals.

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1As long as you selected the appropriate Rebec Model for your practice.

2ADA Professional Product Review, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2012. ADA Member Advantage is a service mark of the American Dental

Association. ADA Member AdvantageSM is a program brought to you by ADA Business Enterprises, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Dental Association. ADA is a registered trademark of the American Dental Association.