Is Your Amalgam Separator Filling Up Too Fast?

Rebec Guarantees One Collector Change Per Year!

Many amalgam separators fill up so fast that they need to be changed every couple of months, but Rebec guarantees one filter change per year. If for any reason you need more than one, it’s free as long as you have the appropriate Rebec model for your practice.

Rebec Amalgam Separators may seem more costly upfront because they are made out of stainless steel and not plastic, but the savings start adding up quickly! When the separators fill up, the collector has to be replaced. With over five times the capacity of competing plastic amalgam separators, Rebec separators require far fewer changes. Your savings will add up quickly.

The rugged stainless steel construction is also why Rebec is the only company that offers a lifetime warranty. One more reason why Rebec Amalgam separators are the only amalgam separators endorsed by the ADA Business ResourcesSM