Rebec's Promise To You

Rebec Limited Lifetime Warranty

Rebec LLC warrants its amalgam separators to be free of defects in material and workmanship, and to meet or exceed the ISO 11143:2008; ANSI/ADA standard, with a minimum removal efficiency of 99% in original conditions, with the following qualifications.

  1. The product will be used under the conditions for which it has been designed.
  2. The Unit must be installed inline on the vacuum side of a typical dental vacuum system.
  3. The Unit must be installed in strict accordance with the official Rebec installation instructions.
  4. The Unit must be installed in proper orientation as defined in the official Rebec installation instructions.
  5. Pumice used with air-abrasion or prophy-jet use is only approved with Rebec Plus systems. Use with non-Plus systems will invalidate the warranty.
  6. The Unit must be installed at or near the same elevation as the vacuum pump, with no more than a 5-feet elevation difference unless approved by Rebec in advance.
  7. There must be no increase in the number of hygienists or dentists on the system after the original installation unless such increases are within the operating capacity of the unit as defined in the official Rebec specification sheets that were in effect at the time of initial installation.
  8. The unit will be operated in a manner consistent with the usage instructions in the official Rebec operating instructions.
  9. Nothing other than normal dental vacuum line effluent shall be discharged through the equipment.
  10. If different vacuum equipment is installed after initial installation of the Rebec unit, Rebec must be notified prior to this change, especially if the new vacuum equipment will increase vacuum flow.
  11. The Unit and all fittings and connectors must not be modified or abused in any way.
  12. The product must be used in a normal “office” setting completely protected from negative environmental situations.
  13. The Unit must be kept from freezing.
  14. The Unit must not be submerged or left in standing water.
  15. The Unit must be enclosed to protect from weather.
  16. The customer must maintain the equipment as specified in the official Rebec product instructions for that model.
  17. Rebec must be notified of the initial installation date by completion of a warranty notification card within 2 weeks of original installation to validate warranty.
  18. The vacuum system must be flushed and cleaned according to vacuum pump manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.
  19. Vacuum line cleanser should not contain bleach or chlorinated detergents.
  20. Vacuum line cleanser should not be acidic.
  21. Vacuum lines should be disinfected at least once a week to prevent bacterial growth.
  22. The collecting container(s) on the Rebec unit must be replaced annually on each “scheduled maintenance date.” The “scheduled maintenance date” will be one year from the date of the initial installation of the amalgam separator and each year following on that date. The replacement collecting container(s) must be installed properly as defined in the official Rebec installation instructions on or before each scheduled maintenance date.
  23. Spent collecting containers must be returned to a Rebec LLC authorized amalgam sludge processor for recycle and replacement within 2 months of each scheduled maintenance date. In accordance with the Rebec installation instructions for replacement collecting containers, the customer is responsible for notifying Rebec when the spent collecting container is ready for pick-up. This warranty will be voided if Rebec does not receive the spent collector within 2 months of the scheduled maintenance date.
  24. Hose fitting washers must be inspected and replaced as necessary during scheduled maintenance.

This warranty will be voided if any Rebec products are mishandled, used incorrectly, or used for any purpose other than that for which they were designed and intended by Rebec.

Warranty Claims

If your amalgam separator requires factory service or replacement within the warranty period, contact us or your dental dealer immediately. Your REBEC amalgam separator will either be repaired or replaced by your dealer as soon as possible. In the event that your dealer finds it necessary to send your device back to the factory, REBEC will make the necessary repair or replacement at no charge provided the product is delivered prepaid to the proper address. For your safety, REBEC recommends that returns be adequately insured against carrier damage or loss. REBEC will not be responsible for damage or loss by carrier. All claims should describe the specific problem for accurate analysis and evaluation, date of filing the warranty information, product installation date, and dealer name and address. No product replacement by the dealer is allowed without prior authorization by REBEC Solutions.

All Non-US Customers

All warranty claims for products purchased through your dealer must be returned to the same dealer for claim processing.

Warranty Period

All REBEC amalgam separators come with a 100% product replacement warranty for the first TWO-YEAR period against manufacturer defects. Coverage begins on the installation date, provided that REBEC is in receipt of the timely completed and returned installation card.

After the initial two-year period 100% product replacement warranty, all REBEC amalgam separators are further warranted against manufacturer defect for an additional five years. During years three through seven, replacement charges are prorated at a discount of 15% per year. Replacements or repairs made under warranty will not result in an extension of the original warranty period.

Note: All repairs must be performed by REBEC or REBEC approved technicians or this warranty will be invalidated.

Scope Of Performance Efficiency

Rebec warrants your unit to meet or exceed ISO 11143:2008; ANSI/ADA.  It is your responsibility to determine whether your unit provides the removal efficiency your business needs, and to confirm that it meets any federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations, rules, codes, and orders that may be applicable at each location where you choose to operate this unit.