Custom Amalgam Separator Systems for Larger Installations

Rebec Custom Systems

Rebec’s rugged and dependable systems are the #1 choice of Universities, Dental Schools, Hospitals, and Military Medical Facilities around the world.  Our technology and certified collector systems are expandable to any size of installation.  Our technical experts will design the ideal system for you, based on usage and necessary capacity, and when you’re ready our team will perform the installation.  Rebec offers the longest warranty in the industry, and will continue to support and maintain your amalgam separator for the lifetime of the system.

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A Few Of Our Custom System Clients:

Colorado State University Dental Service
Columbia University Dental Association
Columbia University-Pediatric
Eastern Washington University
Marquette Dental School
Northside Dental
Tufts University-2nd Floor Clinic
University of Alberta Hospital
University of Minnesota Physicians
University of MN Physicians-Pedo
University of New Mexico
University of Saskatchewan
University of Washington Dental School
VA Medical Center—Fargo
VA Medical Center—Illinois
VA Medical Center—Minneapolis
VA Medical Center—Palo Alto
VA Medical Center—Rhode Island
UTHSC West Side Dental Clinic

Columbia University
Columbia University-Morningside
Dalhousie University-Harbourview Clinic
Marquette Clinic-Johnston
Marquette University
Tufts University
University of Alberta
University of Iowa
University of Missouri Kansas City
University of New England
University of Oregon
University Of Texas
VA Medical Center—Bay Pines
VA Medical Center—Fort Myers
VA Medical Center—Milwaukee
VA Medical Center—North Hampton
VA Medical Center—Portland
VA Medical Center—St. Petersburg